A couple of weeks ago, Dad called me to tell me that the cat has just helped him to pour a mug of tea over the keyboard of his Lenovo, and now neither he nor the cat could switch it on. As you know, PCs don’t drink tea, not even after a traumatic Christmas shopping trip. They really, really don’t like it, thank you very much. No not coffee either thanks. No really I’m just fine with the juice. If there’s nothing DC then anything AC would be great…

So PC revival procedures began. As per my instructions, Dad took the covers off the back and left the PC ontop of the Esse (other stoves are available) for a few days. No joy. Popped into a low, fan-assisted oven for a day. No joy. Wafted a hair dryer over it for I don’t know how long. No joy. Sent it to Lenovo who declared it in need of a new motherboard and hard drive. Zero joy there.

So eventually this ‘dead’ PC came to me: can I get the data off the drive? Well, I thought it was worth a final go at drying it out, so I removed all the panels, DVD drive, hard drive, battery and keyboard, popped it onto the back of the Aga and waited. After a day, no joy, but after two days, deep joy: it boots! So it just goes to show: an Aga dries the laptop parts that other stoves can’t reach.

Steve’s PC Liquid Spill Recovery Procedure

  1. Panic. Immediately put your finger on the power button and keep it there. While you’re doing that, rip the charger lead out if it’s connected. And while you’re doing that, invert the PC to limit the ingress of the liquid into the PC’s innards. At this point the PC should be off, unpowered, dripping and probably upside down.
  2. Take the battery out.
  3. Remove everything that you can including drives, keyboard and panels. You want to enable as much air flow as possible. With the lid half open, pop the PC onto the Aga on its edge so that the hot air can flow up past all the apertures, taking the moisture with it. If you haven’t got an Aga, get one — they’re brilliant. Failing that, choose your preferred stove or other hot, dry place.
  4. Relax. Now you will have to do some waiting, up to maybe three weeks. You won’t be able to resist trying to power up after a day or so. When nothing happens, don’t despair, just keep waiting.