So the new bike experience has propelled me into the blogosphere, in which I will enthuse accordingly. Since this blog comes about somewhat after the fact of choosing, purchasing and receiving said bike, a little history first…

BNB (Before New Bike)

When I was at school I cycled a lot, especially in the summer holidays. At uni I cycled lots too. It was then that I built a road bike from a new cro-moly frame; Shimano 105 chain-set; decent Mavic rims; and from parts cannibalised from the bike’s predecessor. I was actually fit then. I could do crazy things like cycle from Bangor to the base of Snowdon, jog to the top, eat a banana, jog back down again and cycle back to Bangor all in good time for lunch. Then I got work, got car, got fat, etc. Got a mountain bike (Haro Escape A1) and played with that on and off for years.

For the past couple of seasons, I’ve got back into riding the old road bike — yes the same old bike. But I really wanted to replace it with a shiny new one that would weigh considerably less and go as fast as possible. With the birthday coming up, I awarded myself a New Bike present. (It’s socks and jumpers for years, then I splash out). It wouldn’t be hard to end up with something lighter than the old steel frame by choosing an alloy model; I decided that a carbon frame was a technology too far for me (late adopter remember) never mind the impressive cost. So I searched for a road racer with an alloy frame, carbon forks and as good a group-set as I could justify.

Giant SCR 1 2008.5

I chose the Giant SCR 1 2008.5. During my Googlings, I found the blog eep! where a similar story of bike joy has recently played out. There’s a mini review of the SCR 1 there. Truth be told, I was suffering from bike and blog envy, so here I am correcting the balance.

ANB (After New Bike)

Ash Cycles has a particularly good offer for the SCR 1 so I ordered quick before they ran out. It turned up promptly and I promptly fitted the wheels, adjusted the seat and set off for a quick blast. Then the front gear shifter promptly broke. My nice new bike experience went crash.
After discussing it with Ash today, we concluded that ‘broke’ was about as good a diagnosis as we could manage. He’s ordering a replacement lever for me so I hope that by, say, Thursday I’ll be sorted. Apologies to the wife for sulking miserably yesterday.