It was cycling enthusiasm that propelled me (or rather slowly shuffled me) into the Blogosphere, and it’s for that reason again that I’ve finally resuscitate my blog after ISP hosting problems left it in the doldrums.

That's the bridge where I banged me `ed last year, just next to that guy's hemet is the very spot.

Now I can enthuse¬† once again about doing the 100km Dartmoor Classic Cyclosportive, 2010. The weather today was much warmer than last year and the winds were light. As long as it’s not gusty, I’m content. There was more traffic getting in my way this year, but fewer sheep. I managed a time of 4:07 which is an acceptable improvement over last year’s 4:18. Another gold medal. Yay. I’m glad I didn’t register for the 100miles: too hot today.

My thanks to the enthusiastic spectators who clapped and cheered (or was it jeered) as we struggled up the Dartmoor hills in the heat. The onlookers were dotted along the whole route, but Princetown deserves special mention for turning out a surprisingly big crowd. I’m not used to be cheered at as I go past (jeering yes, of course).

This year the team at the office collected sponsorship to donate to ?Ronald Macdonald House, Bristol. Special mention to Andy for organising this and chivvying us all along. It’s not too late to contribute at