We’ve just spent the whole day assembling this giant Meccano kit for Parents. There’s pre-drilled aluminium tubes, numerous and varied plastic couplings, webbing, bendy poles, a slide, a big bag of nuts and an even bigger bag of bolts. The instructions were good if seemingly unending and a grand day was spent by all, assembling, disassembling and reassembling until everything had been well and truly assembled.

Actually it’s not really Meccano but an Action Stations – Optima from http://www.supertrampdirect.co.uk. Not only a British manufacturer but in Devon too, so that’s local produce for us. I have to say I’m very satisfied by the quality of the parts. The plastic mouldings are to a high standard as is the slide. The sewn parts are also very strongly made. Packaging and instructions nicely done too.

There’s nothing difficult about assembling this kit, though it does take quite a while! It’s a good thing that Super Tramp include two very adequate ratchet spanners because there’s a whole lot of bolts to fit — but this is the price for a very solid structure.

I’d have no fear of half a dozen screaming urchins dangling off this frame without doing it any harm whatsoever. I’d be standing at the other end of the garden though.